Fort Collins, Colorado
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Audio Flora is Chris Weller, an electronic music producer from Colorado.  Audio Flora's music ranges from lush, deep & lo-fi chillout sounds to thumping house music for the dance floor. 
Years of experience and a variety of music projects lay the foundation for Audio Flora's diverse sound.  Chris' musical experience grew from tinkering with punk & industrial music as a kid, drum and bass production through college in Pittsburgh, and then on to Colorado playing live sets at small parties and raves along the front range under the name Parsec.  Highlights from this period include winning a remix competition for the "Monster Laptop Rally" in Denver, headlining the "Neverland" rave in Fort Collins, and playing live sets at vibey, outdoor parties in the foothills above Boulder.
Audio Flora is Chris' newest project, focusing on house and chillout music along with creating captivating generative visuals through creative coding.  Chris began releasing house tracks through Vivifier Records in August 2018, reaching the beatport house hype charts with his second release in November. 

Official releases:

2018: Two house tracks, "Slip Crush Flip" and "Back Room Vibe", were released by Vivifier Records UK.  Back Room Vibe reached #36 on the house Hype Top 100 chart and was a featured House track on in December.



2017: Audio Flora's debut release was the six track album "Shifts in Hue".


Live performance:

A large portion of Audio Flora's live set was produced from scratch as a single Ableton Live project in order to achieve a flowing and seamlessly blended performance.  Hundreds of short individual clips and loops across 8 channels are arranged, mixed and effected on the fly, with a sprinkling of live keyboard performance on top.  Individual leads, vocal chops, bass lines, chords, etc... from any single "track" in the set can be mixed into another, creating numerous new permutations in the transitions between songs.  Full tracks can be mixed in and out at different times for added flexibility.


Creative coding and computer graphics are other areas of interest for Audio Flora, which lends itself well to creating engaging music videos and graphic designs.  Creating content for 360 degree dome projection systems (e.g. The Otterbox Digital Dome Theatre in Fort Collins) is another creative outlet for Chris.